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Welcome to Young Talkers VIP

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Feeling anxious that your child’s communication isn’t improving?

Are you stressed or worried about your child’s future?

Feeling concerned that she will struggle when she starts school?


If you are truly fed up with feeling:

  • Frustrated by the long wait times for an NHS appointment.
  • Tired out by the effort it takes to help your child to communicate.
  • Guilty that you may not have done enough to prevent it.
  • Defeated like you're not making progress.
  • Helpless because you can’t afford private therapy.

You are not alone in this!

           What if...

  • You had ongoing support and guidance of an experienced, qualified speech and language therapist to guide you through supporting your child’s communication?
  • You could see your child’s communication improve?
  • Your child learns how to tell you their wants and needs?
  • He starts to communicate with friends and is able to fit in easily at preschool or school?
  • She can better express her feelings and share special moments with you?
  • You can play with your child in a more engaged and communicative way?
  • Your child is able to tell you when they’re hungry, happy, sad or hurt?

This is why the Young Talkers VIP exists! To help you start on the journey to real progress with your child, without a long-term commitment and at a very affordable fixed monthly cost.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds to get regular access to live, specialist speech and language therapy guidance, and with Young Talkers VIP you can get support to help you start making progress right now.

"Nergis is an absolutely wonderful speech and language therapist to have working with me and my son! She is confident, kind and patient with children and makes the sessions very fun. She listens, observes well and gives excellent progress reports so I can continue working with my child at home. She has helped us tremendously in improving our child’s speech and language skills. She is very professional and comes highly recommended".

Inside Young Talkers VIP I provide you with practical strategies you need to implement at home to get your child’s talking on the right track.

What I DON’T have is a magic wand to fix your child’s communication (hint: they don’t exist!).

However, what I DO have is many tried and tested techniques and strategies from my 16 years’ experience working with children as a speech and language therapist, along with boundless passion for what I do!

You will use the knowledge gained by being a VIP member to create the best communicative environment at home, as YOU are the best person to teach your child to talk!  You just need the right advice and support from me to help you along the way.

"My little boy didn’t utter a word (or understand one) until his second birthday when he said “car”. We started to work with Nergis and his speech just exploded. We are a long, long way from him being “typical” and there are other things going on with him but he is a world away from where we were at 22 months. It’s definitely worth looking at working with a Speech and Language Therapist, if you can afford it of course, I realise it’s a luxury not everyone can. I didn’t know where to turn, I was desperate but Nergis helped us in so many ways".

Young Talkers VIP

Your own children’s Speech and Language Therapist, meeting with you three times a month to share all the tips and techniques you need to progress your child’s communication difficulties.

The Young Talkers VIP membership is a community of like-minded parents all working towards the same goal: To help their child to communicate.  It’s a community where you’ll get your own personal questions answered, but also learn from other parents’ experiences and progress.

All of this is available via the membership app and the website hub where you can keep in touch with me and also chat with other VIP parents.

What’s Inside Young Talkers VIP?


A mini initial assessment: Where you will fill out a case history form which helps me to get to know a little more about your child’s communication and where you need support.

Group Coaching Sessions: 3 Fridays a month on Zoom where we discuss a range of topics and you get the chance to put your questions to me directly. In these sessions, I will give you tools and strategies that I normally reserve for my one-to-one clients, for a fraction of the cost.

A Resource Library: of downloadable pictures, therapy materials, and information guides for you to print off for your own use whenever you need them.

Live Training Sessions & Masterclasses: Where you will learn more about the different aspects of communication and further your understanding of communication difficulties.

👉 In the online membership, you get to chat with other parents, share ideas, and what’s working for you. I will also be active in the chat to provide advice outside of the group sessions.

👉 Masterclasses will cover topics such as:

💗 Working with children with Speech Sounds Difficulties

💗 Learning about Early Language development and strategies to help boost your child’s language

💗 Using the Hanen approach to develop your child’s language

💗 Supporting your child who stammers

💗 Introduction to Autism

💗 Training on using Attention Autism with your child

💗 Introduction to Dyspraxia

…to name a few.

Every live session will include training from me and plenty of time for Q&A. All sessions will be recorded and available for you to access and learn from in your own time.

A bonus on offer to the first 5 people who join! You are invited to send me up to 3 videos to review so that I can get to know more about your child and where they are at with their communication skills. You get a free 30 minute 1:1 online session with me to discuss your concerns and get started with ideas. This is worth £95 when purchased outside of the membership.

By joining the Young Talkers VIP you will learn:

💠 How to Create an Environment at Home to Enrich your Child’s Communication.

💠 How to Set & Achieve All Your Child’s Communication Goals.

💠 How to Deepen the Communication Relationship with your Child at Home.

💠 How to Confidently Support your Child’s Communication Skills to Help them Progress.

You will be able to:

✔ Get focused on targeting your child’s communication difficulties and ultimately working towards helping them improve their skills.
✔Regularly check in with me as your Speech Therapist to make sure you’re on the right track and doing the best to help your child at home.

✔ Receive support from like-minded parents who are all in this membership for the same reasons. You are not alone!

✔ Learn about  different aspects of communication and further your understanding of communication difficulties.
And much, much more…


 How much does it cost to join the Young Talkers VIP?

For this initial intake, founding members will benefit from the discounted rate of £49 per month.

When can I join?

Doors open on Monday 30th November and close again on Friday 18th December. Our first group session is Friday 4th December. You can access the membership app as soon as you join and start chatting with me and other parents ahead of our first group session.

How long does the service last?

Your membership operates on a rolling monthly basis and when you feel you are ready to leave, you can cancel at any time.

How many sessions will I receive?

There are three group coaching sessions taking place every month via Zoom. The sessions take place on Fridays at 12pm and last for one hour.

How do the group sessions work and how many people will be on the call?

The group sessions are open to all VIP members. The number on the call will vary week to week. During quieter times it is possible that you could have me all to yourself!

What if I can’t make the group sessions live?

All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the website/ app you can watch on replay anytime. If you have a question, you can send that to me beforehand and I’ll answer it for you in the session if the topic hasn’t already been covered.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes absolutely. Just send me an email and I’ll cancel your subscription immediately. If you let me know in the first 7 days, I’ll give you your money back.

For this first intake of Young Talkers VIP, as well as having the opportunity to give feedback and shape this membership service, you will benefit from a discounted monthly membership fee of just £49.44 per month. Doors to the membership close on Friday 18th December and next time they open, the membership fee may increase.

There is also a special bonus for the first five people to join: I will review a video of your child, you get a 30 minute 1:1 with me, £25 pounds off and I provide tailored advice alongside the initial assessment to help you get started - all in the first month only!.

"At the two year health visitor review it was picked up that he had a speech delay and we started seeing a SLT from the NHS. The early sessions were really helpful and we made great progress but from age 4 -5 we reached a real stalemate, * was talking and communicating but his pronunciation of letters was awful meaning he spent a lot of time frustrated at not being understood and we spent a lot of time frustrated about how best to help.

 After a particularly unfulfilling session in December we decided we wanted to give private speech and language a try, and along came Nergis. Less than 6 months on, * has progressed beyond any hope we ever had. He has finally mastered a very correct ‘c’ we have a ‘f’ well under way and a ‘g’ but more importantly we have a little boy that has gone from having to be bribed to try any sort of speech practise to one who will happily practise by himself numerous times a day as he loves the amazing exercises and practises we are set, and regularly asks when his next session is and can’t wait to play ‘games’".

There’s no waiting to access help for your child when you join Young Talkers VIP. You will get started straight away and continue to receive regular support and guidance from me. Our first group session is taking place on Friday 4th December.

✔You’ll get focused on targeting your child’s communication difficulties and ultimately working towards helping them improve their skills.

✔You’ll get help to set clear communication goals, so you know what you’re working towards to help your child improve their communication skills.

✔To be able to regularly check in with me as your Speech Therapist to make sure you’re on the right track and doing the best to help your child at home.

✔You’ll receive support from like-minded parents who are all in this membership for the same reasons. You are not alone!

“I’ve had concerns about my daughter’s speech and language for a while but I was particularly concerned that she would struggle when she started school in September. We had been on the NHS waiting list for a while and then lockdown happened so I decided to see what other options were out available. I found the Young Talkers website and arranged an online chat with Nergis. From the first session I knew we were in safe hands. Nergis was incredibly knowledgeable and her passion to help children shone through. The lack of face to face sessions thanks to the lockdown has not affected the support she has provided. 

She has gone above and beyond to accurately assess our daughter and to teach us how to support her particular needs. We were eventually able to do a face to face session which my daughter really enjoyed and I learnt so much from just watching the techniques Nergis used. 

We have seen huge improvements in our daughter’s speech and language already and I have absolutely no doubt it is because of the advice and guidance from Nergis. There really hasn’t been a lot to celebrate in 2020 but finding Nergis and watching my daughter flourish is definitely worth celebrating.”

About Nergis

I’m Nergis and I work with worried parents or educational staff of children struggling to communicate or perhaps not talking at all. I help you to unlock your child’s communication potential so your child can build better relationships by connecting with people and engage in the world around them.

Helping children to improve their communication difficulties is not just my job – it is something I am incredibly passionate about! I have 16 years’ experience of working with children, with particular knowledge in Autism, voice disorders, stammering and general speech and language difficulties.

I worked in the NHS for 15 years supporting families of children with communication difficulties but realised as the service had undergone changes year after year, I was spending less and less time doing therapy with children and liaising with parents. I was trying to see as many families as possible knowing they had been waiting over 6 months for therapy but when I saw them it was quick and I couldn’t offer more input as I wanted. I wanted to develop deeper relationships with the parents and teachers I work with and so this was what led me to become a private therapist. I really value the connections I make with my families and supporting them as much as I can is the core value of my work.

“Nergis is the loveliest lady who has been a constant source of knowledge and support during a very uncertain time for me and my family. I approached Nergis after realising my little boy wasn't able to communicate like other children his age.

He has gone from being disengaged and completely non-verbal to starting to have some understanding of what we're saying, engaging with his family and friends at nursery a little better and is even starting to say a few words! I truly believe none of this would have been possible without help from Nergis.

She taught us how to communicate with him in a way that works for him - she gave us the key to unlock him. She is constantly in touch, even when we have had periods of no appointments as we waited for some progress.

Nergis goes above and beyond providing material to use at home and messaging with little tips, I can tell she truly cares and that is invaluable. We still have a very long way to go but I know that with Nergis on our side we will be able to help our little boy reach his full potential, he may never be 'typical' but he can be the best version of him. Thank you Nergis!”

You Can Be Your Child's Best Teacher!

Working together online has become necessary because of the worldwide pandemic, but it has also made my therapy available to many, many parents who may not have been able to afford working with me in a private, face-to-face session.

Accessing my experience and training in an online group is a very effective way to learn how to support your child and you will also have access to me within the membership via the chat where I will answer your questions and provide more support outside of the group sessions.

The beauty of the group is that there are others who are going through the same thing as you and there is a wealth of ideas and support from other parents which you can apply alongside my advice and activities.

You can access the materials and trainings inside the membership at your own pace which helps many busy parents just like you to make therapy work with their family’s lifestyle.

All of this is immediately available when you become a member and for a small cost of £49.44 per month. No delay to start helping your child to overcome their communication difficulties and, most importantly, you can take that first step getting the support you need at a very affordable monthly cost with no long-term commitment.

“We have worked with Nergis this year to support our little boy with his speech fluency and stammer. She carried out a detailed assessment at home and then helped us to adopt a range of strategies to support him. She has also worked with his class teachers to ensure he receives the help he needs at school too. The results have been brilliant. She has made us feel reassured that we are doing the right thing, and put us all at ease. I would highly recommend her support. It was more than worth it. Thank you so much!”

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